I will create engaging Video Pins for you. They capture the attention of your customers and bring more traffic to your website.

Promoting your business is getting harder each day. The number of posts on social media is crazy; Pinterest is getting flooded with new Pins each day. How to stand out from the crowd? People are scrolling through their feeds fast, how to capture their attention? How to make them stop scrolling and even read your post or open your pin and eventually click through to your website, shop, or blog?

Videos can be… See yourself!

The power of video content

Videos are one of the best ways to capture and keep your potential customer’s attention. Most people love videos, as long as they are well made and not to long. The attention span is getting… Squirrel!

No doubt, Video Content is hot right now — and will get even more important soon. Cisco predicts that, by 2022, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video.

I’m Matthias Hauser, Artist, Blogger, and Pinterest Expert. I love Pinterest, it brings more than 80% of my traffic (and most of my art sales).

Video Pins are an essential pillar of my Pinterest strategy. Both impressions and engagement exploded when I started using them:

Pinterest Analytics Upswing thanks to Video Pins

Some of them went viral:

Pinterest Video Pin Stats
Statistics of a Video Pin

Both the square and vertical format videos are optimized for Pinterest and Instagram. Square format video content works great on Facebook, better than the horizontal ones. Don’t even try to start sharing your YouTube Videos on Pinterest; this will not work as the views and engagement will be low, trust me.

I often get asked how I manage to create videos that people love. There is no easy answer; maybe it’s a mix between my creative skills and the IT background. Who knows, all I can say is that its great fun to create scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing videos. Like this one:

Christmas Promo for an Artist

Or this one:

Do you love Iceland?

I will combine your pictures (and short videos if you have some) with animations, transition effects, text overlays, and even more effects if needed. Don’t worry if you don’t have images or videos. I have access to tons of paid professional stock footage and photos (without any additional cost for you).

During the year 2019, I created hundreds of videos for Pinterest, Instagram (both posts and stories), and Facebook. I know what works! But as they say: a video says more than 1000 words, so please feel free to visit my Video Example Gallery (Pinterest Video Pins and Instagram Videos)!

Video Creation Packages

Save $50

Single Video 30s

$471 Video
    Regular Price $97!
  • 1 Video up to 30 seconds
  • Up to 4 scenes (images or videos)
Save $60

Single Video 60s

$871 Video
    Regular Price $147!
  • 1 Video up to 60 seconds
  • Up to 8 different scenes
SAVE $250

10 Videos 60s

$4475 Video Package
    Regular Price $697!
  • 10 Videos up to 60 seconds (each)
  • Up to 8 different scenes in each video


Customer Review (Aimee)
“Matthias was very professional and so easy to work with. His communication skills are exceptional.
I was surprised how fast the service was and the quality is stellar. I am extremely happy with the video, it is exactly what I needed and will use his services again.
I would highly recommend him to other artists and anyone who might need a creative video made. Five stars!”
Aimee Maher, Artist

Customer Review (Nikolyn)
“Very happy with the jellyfish themed promotional video Matthias created for me.
It starts with a video clip of drifting jellies and immediately transitions to a still – one of my photos.
Because it’s brief and focused, the “jelly wall art for sale” theme sticks with the viewer. I’m eager to share it.”
Nikolyn McDonald, Artist

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Customer Review (Debbie)

“I absolutely love the video Matthias made for me, complete with music, moving art and descriptive overlays. I’ve also had a chance to see the other videos he made – let me tell you, each one is awesome!

The process to get my video made was very simple. Matthias and I corresponded about which art he would showcase, I uploaded my files to a shared private drive and he did EVERYTHING ELSE including offering to resize my files (because not being a techie, I couldn’t figure it out). What a relief!

Matthias is so easy going, I’m not going overboard to say that working with him is a dream. He is knowledgeable, talented and kind. I simply cannot recommend him, his Pinterest course and his video creation service enough.”

Deborah League, Artist


How is the quality of the videos you will create for me?

Exceptional 😉 The resolution depends on the format, for a vertical 9:16 pin it will be 1080×1920 (Full HD), for a square format video 1080×1080. Those resolutions are perfect for Pinterest and Instagram. The square one is excellent for Facebook too.

What will happen after I placed my order?

You will deliver me the info (and maybe the images and videos) by filling out a short form (I will send you a link within 24 hours) and I will do the rest. As soon as I know what you need, I will create the video and send you a download link. You will review the video. If you love it: great, it’s all yours. If there are things you want to have changed: no problem. Just tell me what it is, and I will incorporate the changes. Two revisions are free (they are included in your price).

What do you need from me to create a high-quality video?

Images, Videos, some text, your brand colors, your logo — or nothing of it. Read on:

The video can contain video clips and still images, refined with text overlays, transitions, etc. Your logo can be included.

The images will be animated (zoom, slide, etc.) if applicable.

I suppose you will have some images or videos. If so, you will submit them via a secure platform. If not, I have access to a library of professional, paid stock videos, and images. Don’t worry, the usage of these stock videos is included in your price!

For a square video, I need 1080×1080 pixel videos and 1200×1200 pixel images.

For a vertical video (Pinterest Video Pin or Instagram Story), it will be 1080×1920 pixel videos and 1200×2000 pixel images. Larger is fine; smaller will reduce the quality of your video.

What am I allowed to do with my videos?

Whatever you want. Use them on Pinterest (Video Pins are hot right now), as Instagram post or story or post them on Facebook. Upload it to your website, YouTube, …

It is your video, and you will have full commercial rights to use it. The rights to the videos and images I may use are cleared, so nothing to worry for you.

Sounds good. Do you have examples that I can look at?

Sure: https://www.elke.com/video-gallery-pinterest-video-pins-promo-videos-video-ads

I don’t want to pay for video creation but do them myself. Any software recommendations?

Sure. I tried a plethora of programs, tools, and apps to create my videos (including powerful software like Adobe Premiere Pro). If you are looking for an easy to use and versatile tool, I would recommend giving InVideo a try (affiliate link). They have a free plan to test the waters. You can thank me later.