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Pinterest wants us to pin as much fresh content as possible. Don't you have the time or design skills to come up with new Pin Designs constantly? You want to focus on your business instead of spending hours with Photoshop and Canva? Check out our Pin Design Packages!

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Fresh Food for Fresh Pins

Why Fresh Pins?

And what exactly is fresh content?

  • Pinterest found out that today's Pinners are responding to fresh content so that they will prioritize it in search even more in 2020.
  • Every new Pin Design counts as fresh content. Five different Pin Designs leading to the same page are each considered fresh.
  • Tailwind reports that fresh Pins are already beginning to outperform duplicates. They also noticed reports of suspended accounts rising since early 2019, possibly indicating negative consequences to pinning too much duplicate content (Source: Tailwind).

Who am I?

And what qualifies me to design pins?

I'm Matthias, Pinterest Expert, Photographer, and Digital Artist. I'm selling Wall Art and other Home Decor Products. Click-worthy Pins are the foundation for my clients and me to get more qualified traffic from Pinterest. 

As a creative person, I have an eye and a hand for design and typography. I have many years of Pinterest experience and also created a Pinterest Online Course.

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How does this work?

And how do we get started?

Check out the packages. Decide what you need. To make things quick and comfortable, you will be able to immediately buy the package you need, using the green "Add to cart" buttons. I will contact you within 24 hours and will start working on your new Pins within a few days. 

Feel free to send me an email if you have any other questions, I will answer them as soon as possible. There is also a FAQ below. Scroll down for example Pins!

Customer Testimonial

"Matthias is so easy going, I’m not going overboard to say that working with him is a dream. He is knowledgeable, talented and kind. I simply cannot recommend him, his Pinterest course and this new service enough." Deborah League, Painter. She is a Pinterest Course and Video Creation customer.  

Let me design professional, engaging Pins for you!

Pin Design Services 

Don't have images? Don't worry, professional, paid stock images are included in all packages!  

10 Pins


  • 10 Pins designed for you
  • Images from you or from our library of paid stock images
  • Your logo and/or website URL included on every Pin
  • Your brand colors if needed

Have Questions? Want to know more before purchasing your package? Read the FAQ below, or send me an email (, I will answer every question.


25 Pins


  • 25 Pins designed for you 
  • Images from you or from our library of paid stock images
  • Your logo and/or website URL included on every Pin 
  • Your brand colors if needed


50 Pins


  • 50 Pins designed for you
  • Images from you or from our library of paid stock images 
  • Your logo and/or website URL included on every Pin 
  • Your brand colors if needed

Pinterest Pin Design Examples

All Pin Designs are mobile optimized (Pinterest usage is more than 80% mobile). Please note that all the essential text elements are readable even on this tiny preview size. Scroll-stopping and click-worthy Pin Designs are so important to get more impressions, more engagement, and more clicks!

pin design services valentines day example
Pin Design Services Pinterest Management Example
Pinterest Pin Design Services Fractal Art Example
Pinterest Pin Design Services More Traffic Example
Pinterest Pin Design Example Fractal Spirals

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the A's for your Q's

Why do I need a Pin Design Service?

Pinterest is highly visual. People are scrolling through their feeds fast as lightning, so your Pins have to stand out. The quality of your Pin Design is a significant factor for success. Your Pins have to be both scroll-stopping and click-worthy -- or no one will notice them.

I use both my own designs and some paid templates (adapted to my needs).  

Why can't I design them myself?

Well, I have good news for you: you can! Even if you're not a pro designer, your Pins will get better and better the more you create.

I created thousands of different Pins literally and can assure you my lastest Pins are light years ahead of my first ones (that I created many years ago).

The main question is: do you want to create them yourself? Or do you want to focus on other parts of your business?  

Why should I choose you as my Pin Designer?

I'm a visual artist with lots of experience in creating click-worthy pins. I know what works in general, but I'm very aware of the fact that each business is different. I will match your style and respect your corporate design.  

What about my branding?

Do you have a specific branding? Congrats! I will ask you about your colors, fonts, logos, etc. and integrate them in the Pin Design (unique fonts if allowed and possible).

I always recommend trying some off-brand Pins to test the water (regarding impressions repins and clicks), you may be surprised! But this is entirely up to you.  

What about images? Do I need to provide them?

Do you use your own high-quality images? Fine! This could be your product photos, lifestyle shots, etc. Many businesses have access to a paid stock photo library. In this case, I will be happy to use these images.

Don't you have access to stock images? Don't worry; I can provide the right pictures (from professional stock image sites) without additional cost for you.

I don't use images from free sites because a) way too many people are using them, and b) there is always some risk involved (copyright issues, etc.).  

What about Pin descriptions?

Pin descriptions are another critical element for your Pinterest success. 

I also offer keyword research, Pinterest SEO, and ongoing monthly growth and management plans.

Click here to learn more about my Pinterest Management Services.  

What about Video Pins, I heard they are hot?

Yes, indeed, they are! 

Pinterest is giving Video Pins top priority in search; they dominate the results of many popular search terms. 

Some of my Video Pins have gone viral on Pinterest with half a million views and thousands of repins. 

I can't guarantee these fantastic results, but you should absolutely try some Video Pins!  

Can you create Video Pins for me?

Sure, I absolutely love to make them! 

Check out my Video Pin Creation Packages here.


How does the payment work?

Please place your order through our secure ordering system. 

I accept all major credit cards and PayPal.  

Great! How do we get started?

If you already know what you need: order and buy now, and we will start working together within a few days.

Otherwise please send me a message and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

Before I start designing your first Pins, I will need some information from you. This will be part of your onboarding (within 24 hours after your order).

 See you soon!

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