Wishing you had more Traffic from Pinterest?

You know that your business should be on Pinterest because a) it can drive tons of qualified organic traffic, and b) people using it have a high purchase intent. But Pinterest is moving fast, and you don't have the time to keep up. Because your day has 24 hours, and you want to focus on your business. And maybe get some sleep.  

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3 Reasons why you should be on Pinterest

  • Pinterest drives tons of traffic. It has become the most important traffic source for many online shops and pro bloggers.
  • High purchase intent. 87% of pinners have purchased something they saw on Pinterest, and 93% are going to do so (Source Millward Brown).
  • Brands are welcome. People love to get inspired, and they take action. Pinterest households are 35% more likely to buy gifts than others and spend 45% more when they do (Source Oracle Data Cloud).


What are your goals?

  • You want to have more qualified traffic, from people that are genuinely interested in your products or services?
  • You want to focus on your business, not on learning the ins and outs of Pinterest?
  • You want to hire someone who knows exactly how Pinterest works?


Let's connect!

Yep, this is me. Nice to meet you! I'm Matthias, a Pinterest Manager, Photographer, and Digital Artist. In my creative business, I sell Wall Art and other Home Decor Products. My Blog, my Shopify Online Store, and various Print on Demand sites are the foundation for my sales. I have many years of Pinterest experience and also created a Pinterest Online Course.

Pinterest is responsible for more than 80% of my traffic (and most of my sales). I helped dozens of fellow artists to grow their Pinterest account and now decided to offer Pinterest Management Services.

Pinterest Management Services Selection


How do I get started?

Check out all the packages and services that I offer. Decide what you need. If I have room for a new client, you will be able to immediately buy all the packages and plans you need, using the green "Add to cart" buttons on this site. I will start working on your account within a few days.

Want to learn more before ordering? Click on one of the "Contact Me" buttons, fill out a short form and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any other questions, I will answer them as soon as possible. There is also a FAQ below.

Customer Testimonial

"Matthias is so easy going, I’m not going overboard to say that working with him is a dream. He is knowledgeable, talented and kind. I simply cannot recommend him, his Pinterest course and this new service enough." Deborah League, Painter. She is a Pinterest Course and Video Creation customer.  

Monthly Growth and Management Package Pricing

Choose the Plan that rolls with you 

Monthly amounts. Prices for one time setup (for new accounts) are further down on this page. 


$997 monthly

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  • Scheduling of up to
    150 Pins per month
  • 30 branded static Pins designed for you every month
  • SEO and Keyword Optimized Board Descriptions
  • Joining Group Boards and Tribes specific to your niche
  • 4 Idea Pins included
  • Monthly Report  (PDF)
  • Email Support

Have Questions? Want to know more before purchasing your package? Read the FAQ below, use the contact form or send me an email (pinterest@elke.com), I will answer every question.



$1497 monthly

  • Scheduling of up to
    300 Pins per month
  • 60 branded static Pins designed for you every month
  • SEO and Keyword Optimized Board Descriptions
  • Joining Group Boards and Tribes specific to your niche
  • 8 Idea Pins included!
  • 50% discount on additional Idea, Video, or Carousel Pins
  • Monthly Report (PDF)
  • Email Support

Let me design professional, engaging Pins for you!

Pin Design Services 

Two of the monthly plans (see above) already include Pin Design (30 or 60 per month). Need additional ones?  

10 Pins


  • 10 Pins designed for you
  • Images from you or from our library of paid stock images
  • Your logo and/or website URL included on every Pin
  • Your brand colors if needed

Have Questions? Want to know more before purchasing your package? Read the FAQ below, use the contact form or send me an email (pinterest@elke.com), I will answer every question.


25 Pins


  • 25 Pins designed for you 
  • Images from you or from our library of paid stock images
  • Your logo and/or website URL included on every Pin 
  • Your brand colors if needed


50 Pins


  • 50 Pins designed for you
  • Images from you or from our library of paid stock images 
  • Your logo and/or website URL included on every Pin 
  • Your brand colors if needed

Pinterest Pin Design Examples

All Pin Designs are mobile optimized (Pinterest usage is more than 80% mobile). Please note that all the essential text elements are readable even on this tiny preview size. Scroll-stopping and click-worthy Pin Designs are so important to get more impressions, more engagement, and more clicks!

pin design services valentines day example
Pin Design Services Pinterest Management Example
Pinterest Pin Design Services Fractal Art Example
Pinterest Pin Design Services More Traffic Example
Pinterest Pin Design Example Fractal Spirals

New to Pinterest? Here are my Packages with a one Time Setup Fee

Setup: All you need for a Great Start!


Complete Setup

$697 (one time)

  • Pinterest Business Account
  • Claiming your Website  
  • Researching the perfect Keywords for your niche
  • SEO optimized Profile
  • Enabling Rich Pins (better reach and engagement)
  • Identifying and following important influencers  
  • Creating 10 relevant boards with SEO optimized board titles and description
  • Linking Tailwind account with Pinterest, initial setup
  • Setting up optimized weekly schedule to maximize the reach of your Pins
  • Please note: A Tailwind Subscription is required for all monthly growth and maintenance plans


Tailwind Setup

$297 (one time)

  • Please note that you need an existing, optimized Pinterest account
  • Linking Tailwind with your existing Pinterest account (Tailwind subscription required)
  • Initial setup and configuration
  • Setting up optimized weekly schedule to maximize the reach of your Pins
  • Setting up Board Lists, joining Tribes, etc.
  • Please order the Complete Setup if you are new to Pinterest
  • Tailwind Setup (or Complete Setup) needed if you want me to manage your Pinterest account!


Pinterest Setup

$497 (one time)

Learn More
  • Please note that you need a Tailwind Account (and the Tailwind Setup) if you want me to manage your Pinterest account!
  • Only buy this package if you want to pin on your own
  • Please order the Complete Setup if you need monthly Pinterest Management
  • All of the Pinterest related tasks of the Complete Setup Package are included

Have Questions? Want to know more before purchasing your package? Read the FAQ below or message me (pinterest@elke.com), I will answer every question.

Pinterest Ads (Promoted Pins)

Pinterest is a long-term game. But there is a way to speed up things: Promoted Pins!

Pinterest Ads are different, in a good way. They do not interrupt the user experience. Pinterest is the only platform where ads are additive. You will find many good arguments for running Ads on Pinterest now (while they are still cheap compared to all other major platforms). Here are just two numbers: 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion than ads on social media and 2x higher return on ad spend for retail brands, compared to social media (Source: Neustar, Retail media study with five US retail brands).

Pinterest Ad Campaign

  • Campaign setup, including detailed research to find the perfect targeting and audience
  • Designing up to 5 branded Pins with optimized Pin descriptions
  • Running the campaign for 30 days, daily check of the current results
  • Adjustments, if necessary (for example increasing or reducing the bid)
  • Bi-weekly reporting via e-mail (one report during the campaign, one at the end)
  • Suggestions on how to proceed with the campaign (if desired)

starting at $897

What do you need?

The main campaign types are brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Promoted Pins can be used to

  • Get qualified, affordable leads
  • Drive targeted traffic to your shop, blog or website
  • Drive conversions for your products, services and offers

We achieved some impressive results for our clients, including a CPC (cost per click) of 10 US Cent for qualified traffic (traffic campaign, one month) and a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 740% (conversions campaign, two ad groups, three months). Your mileage may (and will) vary but we always pour our heart, mind, and soul into creating and running ads. Promised.

Matthias Hauser Promoted Pins Management

You want me to optimize an existing Pinterest Account?

Great! Prices for account review, cleanup and optimization starting at $497, please contact me for details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the A's for your Q's

How soon will I see results?

Great question. I depends. It really does. Do you already have an account? For how long? How much work did you invest so far? What is your niche? 

New accounts will usually see slow growth within the first months. The optimization and growth of an existing account will need some time too. This is the reason why a minimum commitment of six months is required.

Pinterest is a long-term game. It is very important to have a solid foundation, strategy, and SEO in place.  

Who is this for?

You are a pro blogger? You run an online shop or another e-commerce business? You are selling online courses, services or products? You have to be on Pinterest!

Areas like Home Decor, Travel, DIY, Beauty and Fashion, Photography, etc. are ideal for Pinterest.

Do you offer services, products or consulting for one of the areas above? Perfect, Pinterest can work great for you!  

Who is this not for?

There are some areas where Pinterest might be not the best choice for you to promote your business: Health advice, CBD, anything not family friendly.

You need to have a website, shop or blog.

If you are a local brick and mortar business without online presence, Pinterest will not be the right fit for you.  

Can you create pins (images) for me?

Yes, I offer Pin Creation Services. I'm a visual artist with lots of experience in creating click-worthy pins.

Packages of 10, 25, and 50 Pins are available. Please contact me if you need more and I will offer you a discount.

Both the Basic and Premium plans do contain some branded pins (10/25) that I will design for you.  

What will you pin for me?

About 90% of your own content and about 10% content from carefully selected Pinterest influencers. 

If you run an Online Shop (Shopify, Etsy, etc.) I will pin your products to the right boards. Do you have a blog? Great, I will pin from there. One of the great things about Pinterest is the fact that every single Pin links back to a website. Combine this with the long shelf life of a pin and it becomes clear why Pinterest is such a big traffic generator.

In addition to this, I will craft some engaging branded Pins for you (depending on your monthly plan).


Why do I need to pay for Tailwind?

Tailwind is a mighty tool. I will use it in order to ensure that your pins will be distributed at the optimal times throughout the day and the night. 

I will always do some manual pinning in addition to Tailwind. After many years of experience with different accounts I know it is important to spend time on the platform. Some new, important pin formats (like story pins) will only work with manual pinning!  

Why do you include Idea Pins?

Because they are hot on Pinterest right now! Try some searches; the chance that Idea Pins get a preferred place in the results is quite high. People love to watch them, and they want to see even more ideas from brands. Some of my own Idea Pins have gone viral with up to two million views so far.

Both the Basic and Premium Plan include Idea Pins; this is a real value for you.

You want to have some Idea Pins these days, trust me!

Why should I work with you?

I have many years of experience with Pinterest. I know what works (also because I've made many mistakes on my own accounts in the past and learned how to do it the right way). I have grown many accounts; some of them had more than 2 million unique monthly visitors.

As I also offer a Pinterest Online Course for Artists, I spent much time to keep up to date with all the changes on Pinterest. Just one example: saving the same Pins over and over had worked for a long time, but this strategy will not do any good in 2020. Pinterest wants all creators to make as many new, fresh Pins as possible. I know how to do that for you.

I will take care of your precious account and handle it as if it were my own.  

How does the payment work?

I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. If you don't want to order immediately I will send you a PayPal invoice. Please note that the prices for the monthly growth and maintenance packages are for one month. You will pay for one month in advance, then I will send you a new invoce for the second and all following months.  

Great! How do we get started?

If you already know what you need: order and buy now and we will start working togehter within a few days.

Otherwise please fill out my client questionaire first and I will come back to you.

Before I start digging into your account I will need some information from you. This will be part of your onboarding. See you soon!  

A Note from the Founder

Why I love, live and breathe Pinterest  

It was a nice summer day many years ago when I deeply fell in love with Pinterest. It happened all of a sudden, and the love continues. Here is why: 

When I started to sell my products (Art for Home Decor), I realized that I had to do lots of marketing to get my stuff in front of potential buyers. So I tried the usual things: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then I heard about this Pinterest thing, signed up, created some boards, pinned away some stuff, and then forgot about it.

Have you ever been in a really dense fog? This is how my social media activities felt at this time. Just like throwing lots of darts on the dartboard with both eyes closed. 

Long story short (and back to the day in summer I mentioned in the beginning): It was warm outside, summer was doing its thing, but I decided to stay inside and dive into Google Analytics. And I was mesmerized. Most of my traffic was coming from Pinterest; I could even credit some of my sales to my neglected Pinterest account. 

I started to read everything I could find about Pinterest on the same day. I bought some courses. And I began to invest way more time and energy into pinning than before.

I tried different strategies. Some worked great, others not at all. I began to really understand Pinterest, and in the following Holiday season, I had some fantastic months (regarding sales).

As I love to help other businesses with Pinterest, I decided to create a Pinterest course. It works for lots of Artists to up their Pinterest game, but every course requires lots of work and dedication, and many businesses just don't have the time. This is why I decided to offer Pinterest Management Services.

My overall strategy: building a solid foundation, using all the best practices I learned in more than five years with several accounts (with up to 2.6 million monthly viewers). 

Then the fun begins. I always love to work with all the new tools and pin formats Pinterest invites. At this point, Idea Pins are so hot! They can get crazy amounts of impressions and engagement when done right. Good news: all of my monthly maintenance and growth packages do include Idea Pins!

I would love to work with you on growing your business with the help of the most amazing visual search engine on this planet.

Pinterest Account Analytics

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